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Innovation Starts with a Dream and a Plan

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Fast and Reliable Precast Solutions

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We provide fast delivery

construction sites

with less noise and dust.

• Residential Buildings

Whether you are planning to build villas or an apartment complex, we will create the perfect lifestyle design for your project needs.

• Educational Organization

We apply our knowledge in every project we handle and create meaningful interaction with our client for a 100% customer satisfaction.

• Healthcare Facilities

We invest in every aspect of the company to ensure we have the best assets to match the different styles of projects we receive from our clients.

• Commercial Buildings

We believe that teamwork is an essential component for a successful business. Our team will work with you intensely on every detail to create the perfect project, whether it’s a hotel, office space or a shopping mall.

Precast Factory

Our Method

We explore your industry as well as your brand to fully understand your business in order to build the perfect plan for your upcoming project.
Complete Package
When you select INCO Precast know that you are selecting excellence. With an experience spanning over 30 years, we have worked and improved our products and services to provide for our clients the complete package. With INCO Precast you will attain numerous components including our experience, quality products, competitive prices, and time saving, for satisfactory and successful end result.